Violence in Indian History-Conference November 2013

Archive India Institute’s Second Annual International Conference

Violence in Indian history

Bangalore, November 1st 2013

Premodern India produced over 25,000 literary, religious, philosophical and scientific texts and hundreds of administrative documents, land records, trading charters, historical chronicles and genealogies. Close to thirty million manuscripts are now extant. Besides, India is home to nearly 75,000 inscriptions engraved on stones, rock-surfaces, temple-walls, copper-plates, pots, wooden panels and so on. Together, these constitute a stupendous corpus, providing much of the information upon which the reconstruction of premodern Indian history is based. The importance of these sources can hardly then be overstated. Nevertheless, much of these texts are not accessible to scholars and students today. Thousands of inscriptions remain unpublished, and the existence of hundreds of texts is yet to be acknowledged by way of catalogues and inventories. Many of the published materials are either expensive, or out of print, or preserved in special libraries which do not provide easy access to researchers. These difficulties have generated a need to develop an alternative in tune with the demands and requirements of our times. The Archive India Institute was established in order to address some of these difficulties.

Archive India Institute-Digitising the Textual Heritage of India

The institute aims to digitize the literary, religious, philosophical and epigraphic texts from premodern South Asia and make them available freely online to researchers as well as to the general public. It also seeks to promote research by way of organizing seminars, conferences, workshops and symposia on all aspects of premodern South Asian history, and by publishing books, booklets, periodicals, pamphlets and other forms of literature relevant to the study of premodern South Asian history. The Institute expects to emerge as a premier platform for sustained engagement with the rich archival corpus of South Asia leading to cutting-edge research poised to extend the horizons of our knowledge on the subcontinent’s past.


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