Workshop Exploring DATAH – 22-24 February 2017/ IFP

This 3 day seminar will expose, explore, read and question a digital archive of Tamil agrarian history (DATAH) which was constituted during a five year project (2010-2016) by a team of the Social Sciences Department of the IFP. This project was funded by the British Library’s Endangered Archives Program (Arcadia).

Alongside the presentation of the project (day 1) and the seminar (day 2) during which historians and anthropologist will present their personal readings of the archive,  an exhibition will be held on the back wall of the IFP both for this seminar as well as for the Pondicherry Heritage Festival. Further a roundtable (day 3) will be devoted to exploring the feasibility of pursuing the collection of documents and to assessing strategies and constraints of digital archives in Tamil Nadu.

Please find the DATAH announcement and programme.