Collection 3

EAP 314 Collection 3

Location of the original documents:

Kallar Nadu

Number of digital images :

123 digital images in TIFF format

Extent and Format of the original documents:

44 handwritten and printed paper documents, 3 copper plates.

Date range of the original documents:


Scope and content of the collection:

This collection belongs to the family of a Zamin of the the Anupa Goundar sub-caste. The oldest documents (1838) go back four generations. A large part of the paper documents concern land transactions handled by the document holder’s forefathers who were the local landlords (Zamindar) of the area. Another set of paper documents deal with disputes, such as their claim to the hereditary right to obtain honour (or precedence) in the Kalazhakar temple over a rival landlord, the Zamindar of Velliangundram. The copper plates were originally the property of the Zamin’s family gurukal (caste religious head).

System of arrangement of the collection:

The collection is arranged in series: (1) Court cases, (2) Family Documents, (3) Land Transactions, (4) Temple conflicts and (5) Copper plates.

(1) Court cases

This series (1919-1945) contains documents related to two conflicts on the Zamin’s estate: the illegal cutting of trees and the removal of a village headman (nattanmai).

(2) Family Documents

This series (1919-1954) contains marriage invitations and hand-drawn family genealogy.

(3) Land Transactions

This series (1865-1937) contains receipts for the land tax collected by the Zamin on behalf of the Ganesha temple for the period 1865-1937 and notices to sell the lands in open auctions.

(4) Temple conflicts

This series (1827-1945) contains the complaints sent to the District Collector by a forefather of the current document holder. The main content of the document is their claim to get the Honour (Parivattam) during a temple festival against a rival Zamindar..

(5) Copper plates

This series contains 3 copperplates belonging to the Zamindar’s gurukal (the religious head of their subcaste). One copper plate, issued by king Tirumalai Narendiran establishes a Immudi Achiram Goundar as the headman (palayakarran) of set of villages and gives him the office of watchman over the Alagar temple.  Details of tax collection and temple honors are also given. The other two copperplates mention a variety of topics. They begin by praising lord Krishna, then go on to decribed a Veeramallathevan of Pattanaiyur who is praised by the village residents for his bravery in fighting and killing a tiger. It also described some customary laws for several communities including the Sakkiliyar and Goundar communities.

N.B.: Caution must always be exercised regarding the authenticity of copper plates as fakes have been produced..


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