Collection 9

EAP 314 Collection 9

Location of the original documents:

Kallar Nadu

Number of digital images:

2 digital images in TIFF format.

Extent and Format of the original documents:

1 copper plate.

Date range of the original documents:

Gregorian date not determined. Tamil date: year of manmadha, month of avani.

Scope and content of the collection:

This collection contains one copper plate which is given by the Gandamanur Zamindar to Vellaiathevan (forefather of the current holder). This copper plate confirms the vigilance rights (kaval) over 3 villages for Vellaiathevan and 3 portions of land given as subsidy for his family livelihood.

N.B.: Caution must always be exercised regarding the authenticity of copper plates as fakes have been produced.


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