Experimental Workshop on Tamil Customary Law

An Experimental Workshop on Contemporary Knowledge and Practice of Tamil Customary Law

organized with the support of :

IFP / CEIAS  / JustIndia

and the help of:

the Department of History (Pondicherry University)


Date:  14th and 15th of November 2011

Venue:  Pondicherry University

Language:  Tamil

This experimental workshop intends to bring together for the first time men who are actual practitioners of Tamil customary law, known as panchayattars, to discuss over two days a number of issues on the contemporary practices of caste panchayats and village panchayats in Tamil Nadu. The Panchayattars, coming from 5 different castes (Pramalai Kallar, Ambalakarrar, Maravar, Goundar, Nadar) have been met either through personal fieldwork or during the EAP 314 pilot project. Though there will be ample space for open discussion, the workshop will be articulated around several sets of specific questions. The workshop will take place exclusively in Tamil as most of the panchayattars do not speak any English.

Please note that the workshop will not be open to the public. Should you want to attend, please write to the CLAC coordinators before the 15th of October (project.EAP458@gmail.com). However, feedback on the outcome of the workshop will be circulated through this notebook. The workshop will be recorded and a transcription in Tamil and summarized translation in English will be circulated.

This workshop has been made possible through the financial support of the IFP, the CEIAS, Just-India and help of the Department of History of Pondicherry University.

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