DATAH Coordinators

Dr. S. Ponnarasu

Principal investigator for EAP 1160 (2018-2019)

Co-investigator for EAP 458 (2011-2013) & EAP 689 (2014-2016).

Following his M.A. in Madras University, S. Ponnarasu gained considerable fieldwork experience working with a number of important research projects hosted by the IFP as well as with individual researchers, with a wide scope of topics, from microfinance to masculinity, to mangroves, etc… While working in the EAP 314 pilot project on Tamil customary law, he resumed his studies and is currently pursuing his PhD on the ethnohistory of Kongu Nadu.

Dr Zoe E. Headley

Principal investigator for EAP 314 (2010), EAP 458 (2011-2013) & EAP 689 (2014-2016).

After studying social anthropology in SOAS (University of London), EHESS (Paris) and the SAI (Heidelberg Universität), Zoe Headley joined the CNRS (CEIAS, Paris).  Her research focuses on social morphology and the contemporary articulations of caste identity in Tamil Nadu as well as comparing different forums of dispute settlement, whether legal, customary, illegal, occult and divine.

Dr. M. Thanuja

Co-investigator for EAP 314 project (2010).

After completing her PhD research on the social organization of the Konda Reddis of Andhra Pradesh, Thanuja was awarded the Urgent Anthropology Fellowship by the RAI. She later collaborated with the Rural Employment and Microfinance (RUME) programme of the IFP. She also coordinated a project on ‘Forms of Money with the Konda Reddis’ funded by the Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion, UCl, Irvine before joining the Center for the Study of Social Exclusion (Pondicherry University) in 2009 as faculty.

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