A number of scholars have extended their interest, encouragement and supported us whilst we were designing this research project and applying for funding.

Without their trust and assistance, this project would not have happened:

Justice David Annoussamy

Dr Gilles Tarabout (LESC-CNRS)

Professor Noburu Karashima (University of Tokyo)

Dr Daniela Berti (Himalaya-CNRS)

Dr Jacques Pouchepadass (CEIAS-CNRS)

Dr A. Venkatachalapathy (MIDS)

A number of colleagues have helped us with our queries and doubt, have patiently taught us anthropologists about epigraphy, photography, conservation, archiving, as well as dealing for us with stubborn computers, basically all it takes to implement this project:

Dr A. Murugaiyan (EPHE)

K. Ramesh Kumar (IFP-Indology)

N.Ravichandran (IFP-LIAG)

D. Balasubramaniam (IFP-LIAG)

Dr K. Rajan (Pondicherry University)

P.Perumal (Saraswati Mahal Library)

Mathieu Turpin (CSH)

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