Village records of Tamil Agrarian History

This notebook illustrates and provide samples of a digital archive which was created between 2010 and 2016 through three successive funding from the Endangered Archives Programme (Arcadia) and hosted by the French Institute.

A description of the circumstances which led to the implementation of the 3 projects, the team members, the support we have received is available.

In the “category” section you will find an extensive description of each of the 79 collections included in this archive of 78 534 documents.

Accessing the archive documents

Parts of the collection is available on the website of the British Library and their precise location indicated at each collection level.

Pending the full availability on-line of the entire archive, you can write to the project coordinator in order to access documents relevant to your research. Be patient, it may take up to a week to get an answer!

Using documents

Please note that these are all private archive which families have agreed to let us digitize for the purpose of research. Many documents deal with sensitive and private matters and use of these documents should be done with an ethical concern for document holders.

Further, it is expected that due recognition of both the source “”Private collection of”  and the archive “Digital archive of Tamil agrarian history” will be given if the documents consulted come to be used in public presentations and publications.

Your feedback and questions are most welcome. You can either comment directly in the notebook or write an email to :